Social Media Tips from Just Sell Homes

Are you posting with your target audience in mind? Who is your target audience?

These are the questions you should be reflecting on regularly to ensure your social media channels continue to grow an engaged community. If you’re unsure, don’t worry we’re here to help!

Our social media tip this month is to know your target audience.

While this may seem like common sense, this is a hugely important part of your social media strategy. Everything you create, write and post should be directed specifically towards your target audience. 

Step 1- Who is your target audience?

When it comes down to picking your target audience, be very specific. This doesn’t mean you can’t engage with or work with people who aren’t in your target audience, but it means you’re creating everything with your ideal audience in mind.

Bad example of a target audience: People wanting to buy or sell their home

Good example of a target audience: First time home buyers in the Toronto, Ontario area. 

Great example of a target audience: Young childless couples buying their first condo together in Toronto.

Step 2- Choose your platforms

When you identify where your target audience is the most active, your whole social media strategy changes. If your target audience is older parents who are looking to downsize their home, we know that this generation is most active on Facebook and would likely not be active on platforms such as Instagram and TikTok. 

By making this distinction, you’re now able to put more time and energy into creating content for the platforms in which you’re more likely to reach your target audience.  

Step 3- Create your content accordingly

If your target audience is first-time home buyers, would it make sense to write blogs, posts and create videos around downsizing your home? No, because your target audience wouldn’t be interested in that. The type of content you create, writing style and content topics should all be created with the goal to appeal to your target audience.

Implement this into your social media strategy and trust us, you will soon grow an engaged community filled with ideal clients.